Poems Mommy wrote for me...

Emily Grace

I love you so much,
I can't wait for your touch.
I can feel you move inside,
but there's something to hide.
I have faith, but need a sign,
Tell me somehow, you'll be fine.
You're special, that's for sure,
but I hate to think of what you might endure.
They say time will tell it all
and this one isn't my call.
I wish I could take it away,
but with this, I don't have a say.
So, I pray to God each and every day,
That you will be in our lives to stay...


Hold me close and near,
For I am full of fear,
I am trying to be strong,
But I don't know for how long,
Right now she's safe inside me,
But when she's born, what will be,
What will they say,
What all can happen in a day,
These thoughts overwhelm me,
When what will be will be...

Me and You

Something inside me wants to say,
I am grateful for every second of every day.
I look at you and see,
How precious life can be.
You make me strong when I think I'm weak,
When I get scared and it's hard to speak.
I hold you close and near
And you release my every fear.
People ask "How?" again and again.
I guess I'll let them in.
This is hard, we all know.
But I'm not about to let you go.
You have a lot of battles to fight,
But I'll be by your side day and night.
I'll be there for you to lean upon,
If you ever feel you can't go on.
Remember I'm here for you and together
we can make it through.
Don't give up, that's all you have to do.
God has a plan for us all.
If you turn to him, you won't fall.
I have faith and pray too,
That God's plan includes me keeping you.

You're Gone

My precious little Emily Grace
has gone away to a better place.
I don't know why God took her from me,
Maybe when my time comes, I'll see.
I miss her smile, I miss her touch,
I miss the way she smelled, oh, so much.
I'll see her again one day,
then we'll have time to play.
I know she had to go,
But why I don't know.
She tried and fought so long,
I prayed the statistics would be wrong.
It was hard to watch her slip away,
I wanted so much for her to stay.
Now she doesn't struggle to breathe,
I understand that she had to leave.
There was something wrong from the start,
And now I'll hold her in my heart....

Questions To Emily

Why is there so much pain?
Is there really something to gain?
Why did you have to leave?
Will your spirit visit if I believe?
Why did you have to go away?
Why couldnít you be with me and stay?
In heaven do you miss?
Will you feel it if I send a kiss?
Why did you have to die?
Will there be a day I wonít cry?
Will there be days without fears?
Can you see what you left behind?
Do you really come to me or is just in my mind?
Is it my fault you died?
Was it my fault you cried?
Did I love you enough?
Was I ever too tough?
Did I do what was right?
Why did you lose your fight?
Did you enjoy your life?
Was it worth the sacrifice?
How do I go on without you?
What do I do?
Did I ever make you mad?
Were you ever sad?
Are you taken good care of?
Are you surrounded by love?
Do you have fun and play?
Do you know I miss you every day?
Do you hear what I say?
Do you hear me when I pray?
Do you remember me?
Was this meant to be?
Will you always be seven weeks old?
When I go to heaven, will you be a baby for me to hold?
Will I know you when I see you?
Will you know me too?
Why was your body not right?
Did you find peace when you saw the light?
Did God take you by the hand?
Did you make it safely to the promised land?
Did you look back?
Did you wish you could stay?
Or did you want to let your sick body lay?
Did I do my best?
Are you at peace in your rest?
Were you ever in pain?
Does God really smell like rain?

Thinking of You

There's a hole in my heart
a very empty, sad part
I yearn for your touch
and miss you so much
I think of you so often and cry
I don't understand why you had to die
I look at your pictures and see
all that you didn't have a chance to be
I wish I could hold you just one more day
There is a million things I want to say
I wish there was something I could do
to show you how much I love you
Why you? Why me?
Why did this have to be?

Feelings I canít escape
Sometimes I want to cry,
Sometimes I want to die,
I want to yell and scream, run and hide,
Anything to escape the pain I feel inside,
I want to just hold you for a while,
Forget the pain and grief, forget the medical file,
Forget the things that say you are dead,
And just kiss and smell your sweet little head,
Your sister asks why you canít come home and stay,
She doesnít understand why you went away,
We all know we want you back,
But thatís a power that we lack,
You brought us so much joy to our lives,
But then you had to leave,
In tears and pain so deep, we were left here to grieve,
I asked the ďwhat ifísĒ and the ďwhyísĒ, I questioned them all,
But the only answer I have is you went to Godís call,
I feel so helpless and so weak,
Sometimes, I cry so hard that I canít speak,
Praying for a life that I couldnít keep,
So many times, I just want to sleep,
At least then I might see you,
When thereís nothing else that I can doÖÖ

For Me
If you go before I do
And see the beauty of heaven so true
Would you do a favor for me
I have a message for Emily
First of all, hold her tight
And never let her out of sight
Thereís so much I want to say
Please tell her I think of her everyday
Tell her how I love her so
And miss her more than sheíll ever know
Tell her how I look up in the sky
And remember that day in July
When we had to say good-bye
And she learned how to fly
Tell her not to be sad
That my tears arenít bad
Tell her the tears help release the pain
And actually help to keep me sane
Tell her that sheís not forgotten
And I hope that she is still spoiled rotten
Tell her that she lives on within my heart
During this time that we are apart
Tell her how I treasure the time she was here
And how I hold those memories so dear
Tell her how she taught me so much
And how I long for her touch
Tell her to come visit me
And in my dreams, itís her I want to see
Tell her Iíll be there as soon as I can
When itís my turn in Godís big planÖ

Let You Know
You may not see tears rolling down my face,
But I still miss her little embrace,
You may see me smile or laugh or play,
But donít think the pain has gone away,
You may think ďIím doing betterĒ or
ďIt looks like Iím doing wellĒ,
If only you could see inside,
Thatís not the story my heart would tell,
The pain doesnít just go away,
Go ahead and mention her name today,
I just want to make it clear,
So that you will not fear,
I like to talk of the life Emily had,
And, yes, sometimes Iíll show Iím sad,
But I just thought that you should know,
It helps to let the tears flow,
Now that you know how I feel,
You can help me to heal,
But donít expect the pain to disappear,
Itíll take a lifetime and I need you hereÖ.

A poem I made from Alyssa's view

I lay down my sleepy head,
After my prayers are said,
I think of what I did today,
And wonder what tomorrow will bring my way,
Then I think of Emily Grace
and remember how I use to kiss her face,
I have the best guardian angel, you see,
she's always watching over me,
A very special angel kisses me goodnight.
She is my baby sister who went to the light...

One More

You would be six months old today,
But it seems I didn't get my way.
On Christmas Eve, instead of holding you tight
It'll be five months since you seen the light.
I miss you more than you'll ever know.
How I wish I could've watched you grow.
I wish I could hold you for just one more day,
But then, of course, I'd never want you to go away.
One more hug, one more smile, one more look of amazement in your eye.
So, I'm not just left here to remember and cry.
If I could have one wish come true,
I'd wish that I could hold you.
Never forget the time we spent together,
Until the day that I'm with you forever....
December 4, 2001



The holidays are here
But I'm not of good cheer
I miss my baby so
She's spending her first Christmas in Heaven, you know
A new year is on it's way
But I'm just trying to make it through a day
I can't give her presents or hold her real tight
Because months ago, we lost her and she's with Jesus tonight
"What do I want for Christmas?", you say
I want to hold Emily for one more day......

Christmas Message From Emily
Christmas Day is here
Please don't shed a tear
I know you think we're far apart
And nothing can heal your broken heart
I wish I could make you see
Why this had to be
It's not your fault, you did nothing wrong
You even sang me my favorite song
You miss me and love me so much
I wish you could feel my touch
I am there with you when you miss me so
I know how hard it must be to let me go
When you cry so hard it makes you weak
I wipe the tears from your cheek
I know you don't understand
But I am there to hold your hand
I will help you along the way
Till we're together again one day...

A Song For Emily
A lock of your hair, an imprint of your hand,
Are left here to help me understand,
A life so precious and so short,
A life that we could not abort,
Came and brought a brand new start,
With an extra special fragile heart,
You brought us joy and made us face our fears,
It ended with so many tears,

And youíll live on within my heart,
In your very own special part,
A place that only you can fill,
A piece of you thatís with me stillÖ

So, how do I show you how much youíre loved,
When youíre in heaven far above,
How do I live my life day to day,
With a pain that never goes away,
How many tears will I cry,
Because we had to say good-byeÖ

And youíll live on within my heart,
In your very own special part,
A place that only you can fill,
A piece of you thatís with me stillÖ

My life has changed, Iíve learned so much,
But everyday I miss your touch,
Life goes on, this I know,
And Iíll never get to watch you grow,
The journey of your life was brief,
But left me with eternal grief,
Iíll always remember, I wonít forget,
For the life you had, we were blessedÖ

And youíll live on within my heart,
In your very own special part,
A place that only you can fill,
A piece of you thatís with me stillÖ

Mother's Day

Dear Mommy,

I'm here with you today
There's so much I want to say

I know this day is hard for you
This day is hard for me too

Most Children get to be with their mothers
Hug her and tell her how much they love her

As for me, I just want you to know
You're still my mom and I love you so

Though you may not know I'm there
I come to see you and try to show I care

I hear your voice call my name
I know you'll never be the same

But will you do a favor for me
I love to see you smile, you see

Could you smile, laugh, love and play
And have a Happy Mothers Day...


A Birthday Wish

Happy 1st Birthday Emily Grace
We wish we could see your beautiful face
We wish you were here today
We would laugh, play and sing Happy Birthday
Tearing the wrapping paper off your toys
playing with all the girls and boys
Just learning to walk, we'd see
But all these things aren't meant to be
You're spending your birthday in heaven above
So, all we can do is send our love
Release some balloons, take flowers to your grave
To celebrate your birth and the life they couldn't save
Try and try as they may
You're not with us today
We hope heaven throws a party so grand
And helps us all to understand
Today as we recall your birth, we smile
And be happy you were with us for a while

A life short-lived, gone too soon
We sing "Happy Birthday" as we send a balloon
We send it up and far away
In hopes it reaches you today
For with it we send a wish with love
Have a Happy Birthday In Heaven Above...

Until We Meet Again

Good-byes seem so final
and this is not the end.
With our deepest love,
these messages we send.
Please know these words are spoken
With hearts that have been shattered and broken
But still full of love
For Heaven up above
Our lives are changed forever
To change what we had,,,never
There's no doubt, we are in pain
And probably a little insane
But one day we will see
Why all this had to be
Then we'll hold you and never let go
But until we meet again please know
You are in our hearts to stay
And in our thoughts, night and day...

One Year

It's been a year since I left your side
All the pain and tears I cannot hide
Your time here short and bittersweet
The fight you just couldn't beat
The way you smiled, the way you smelled
The way I felt like I had failed
Arms that ache, a heart that breaks
All the strength and courage it takes
Tears that stream down my face
The emptiness that was your embrace
The time that went so very fast
Left memories that will always last
What I wouldn't give to feel your touch
To have back those times I miss so much
To see you hold your little brother
To have a chance to be your mother
To hear you laugh, to watch you grow
All these things I'll never know
It's been a year since you said good-bye
You earned your wings and learned to fly
My darling daughter, your memory
will never die...

Second Year

Christmas time is here
And this is my second year
My family thinks of me
As they put presents under the tree
There's presents for Alyssa and Garrett too
But they are still feeling blue
While things are so quite on Christmas Eve
They are wondering why I had to leave
So as this time grows near
I'll see more than a single tear
But that's okay, I know
Cause it helps let some of the pain go
They think of the time I was there
And how they promised me the biggest bear
I wish I had a way to say
I'll be there on Christmas day
They may not see me with their eyes
I'll come in my own disguise
I come there in many ways
On, oh, so many days
I watch over them all
And will till they hear God's call...


National Candle Lighting Ceremony Poem

As I light this candle of mine
I close my eyes and remember the time
You were here, as I shed a tear
And only wish that you were near
So for you, this candle I light
May your memory shine bright tonight...



A smile on her face
Her name is Emily Grace
The sound of her cry
But Mama's close by
She sleeps on my chest
This is the best
Fear I hide
Now, I'm terrified
Feet turn blue
Then hands too
Something isn't right
Went to the ER that night
It's out of my hands
I don't understand
Surgery is done
After the rising sun
Complications arise
Everyone cries
How can this be
She needs me
She is gone
By the morning dawn
Hearts are shattered
Her life mattered
She's laid to rest
They tried their best
Time goes by
I won't lie
The pain is here
You'll see a tear
We love her still
Always will....

 My Little Girl

In my minds eye I see what this day should be

Thoughts of you everyday the feeling is there but no words to say

The little girl that should be here now, glimpses of you here and there,

You know, I can see you everywhere

What I wouldn't give, every possession I own,

What I wouldn't do, lay down my life for

the little girl I see running, playing, smiling back at me

Was it real or just a dream, you dancing by my side, still holding on to the life you left behind

In my heart, I know you're here as a smile wipes away the tear

to say "I know you want me here in another way"

You're still with me but so it seems we're a million miles apart, a memory away pulls strings at my heart

The pain has become a friend, a constant on which I can depend

I'd do it all over to have you in my life again, Laying awake in the dark, visions of playing in the park,

Remember the times we had, precious moments I hold dear as the winds softly whisper

"You'll always be there..."

Lesson Learned

Don't let life pass you by
We watched our baby die
Then we had a baby boy
He brings so much joy
Replace her, he did not
Mixed emotions I fought
He reminds me of what she'll never do
Though I'm happy, I start to feel blue
I now see
What has to be
I'm so happy to watch him grow
Don't want to miss a thing, I know
Learned the worst way
To take advantage of the day.....


Emily's 2cd Birthday

Forget Me Not, cause I was here
Wipe away that misty tear
On this day that I was born
Emotions were torn
Happy to finally hold me
Fear of what would be
My heart wasn't right
But my life brought light
There's happy memories left for you
Know I'm thinking of you too
Though you can't see me today
I'll be there in my own way
Don't think of me as gone
I'm as constant as the dawn
Every day the sun will rise
As my memory never dies...
Happy Birthday Emily!

Two Years

I remember the day
She flew away
It's been two years
With so many tears
Memories aren't enough
I'm not that tough
I want her here with me
to touch, to smell, to see
Time has taught me so much
Like, to live without her touch
I can look back and smile
Cause she was here for a while
I don't just see the bad
And all the things that make me sad
Though the tears still flow
Because I miss her so
I will smile today
Look up to Heaven and say
"You were my angel from the start
And you'll always live on within my heart".

Father's Day 2003

I wanted to send you a Fathers Day card
I know this day for you must be hard
But Heaven doesn't have a store
or a mail man to bring it to your door
I thought there must be some way
to tell you what I have to say
So, Mommy is doing this for me
that's just the way it has to be
I loved to sleep on your chest
those times for me was the best
To feel your heart beat against mine
if even for just a short time
The times with you I cherish
and the love will never perish
I watch over you from far above
and still hear the whispers of your love
Please know that you're not forgotten
for on this Fathers Day
this poem you've gotten....

Emily's 3rd Birthday

My baby girl would be a toddler now
I think back and wonder how
Time could pass at such a pace
Holding only to our memories of our Emily Grace
So much has happened, life has moved on
She's still a part of our family, though she is gone
We've done things for her lots of times
Raised money for CHD, walked for the March of Dimes
We take flowers to her grave
But it's her gentle touch we crave
It's been three years, how could that be
The day of her birth, through memories I see
I can't help but think of how today would be
If only she were still here with me
She'd be playing games and running about
I'd take a picture as she blew her candle out
She'd open presents and eat her cake
There would be so many memories we could make
But today is not going to be that way
In Heaven she'll celebrate her 3rd Birthday
We'll take a walk down memory lane
Tears will fall just like the rain
We will cherish the moments we had
For that we will always be glad
To her grave, we'll take the flowers we've bought
In hopes she knows we have not forgot
So, Happy Birthday to my baby girl
In Heaven, I hope you dance and twirl....

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Emily's 3rd Birthday

3 Years Gone

3 years have passed
But I know the memories will last
3 years have gone by
Up in Heaven, you fly
3 years since that day
Heaven called and you flew away
3 years ago now
Yet, I still wonder how
3 years you've been gone
Every morning a new dawn
Over 1,095 days without you here
Over 26,280 hours without you near
Over 1,576,809 minutes of missing you
And wishing you were still here too...

4th Birthday

Four years has came and went
I can still remember your baby scent
How I wish there was more to remember you by
Instead of releasing balloons into the sky
You'd be starting school this year
No doubt, releasing a whole new fear
I always think and wonder how
You would look if you wer
e here now
I wonder what kind of party you'd want
What perfect present we'd have to hunt
How I wish I could do that for you
And hug and kiss you too
As we remember and celebrate your birth
You'll look down to us on Earth
Smile and Play in Heaven today
Your family wishes you a Very Happy 4th Birthday

Four Years Gone

Four years ago today, you left my life
A pain went through me sharper than a knife
Your name is etched in my very soul
And I know I'll never again be completely whole
For a part of me is gone
It went with you on that early dawn
And though I know I'll see you again someday
It seems like an eternity away
I remember you with every morning light
You're in my heart but not in sight
How I wish I could hold you one more time
And not be writing this painful rhyme
I love you my dear Emily Grace,
In Heaven, won't you hold my place
Until then, when I can see you again
Remember Me
As when I close my eyes, it's you I see....

My Baby's Five

See her birthday page

On this day, the 4th of June
There will be tears falling soon
A day that we should celebrate
Now it has a different fate
I'll remember the time I had with Emily
The memories I so clearly see
To have her here was a gift
My soul and faith she did lift
So much happiness she brought to our home
But, oh, how our emotions would roam
Today she would turn five
If only she were still alive
As my memories come to an end
I think of the heart they couldn't mend
For in the end, her heart was fine
The heart that couldn't be fixed was mine...

The Year Emily Would Be Six

This year you would be six years old
But that isn't the way your life is told

Even though you are in Heaven above
I can still send to you a mother's love

I knew you had a special soul
But I was unaware of your goal

I treasure and love the life you lived
Though I didn't fully realize all you gived

I was focused on what your death took away
Instead of the story your life was meant to say

The presence of your life in mine
Is carried with me all the time

The impact your life had here
Could easily bring more than a tear

The emotions ran through, from happiness to sorrow
Because your life I did only borrow

I keep that in mind when I miss you so
That "YOUR" life made "MY" soul grow.....


Six Years Passed

Six years ago, I told my baby good-bye
On that day, my little girl did fly

She soared to Heaven on an angel's wing
And heard the sweetest voices sing

My baby girl, I just asked why
I didn't understand why she had to die

I now know it was her sacrifice
It wasn't just a roll of the dice

She played an important role in the life I chose to live
She came to me only to give

Give me a chance to learn something new
A soul so sweet and innocent is always true

Nothing done by her could be wrong
She only followed, only went along

My life is mapped out before me
There's things I cannot see

But somehow I have to believe
I'm always where I'm suppose to be...

Seven Years Old

Seven years old, I canít imagine

For most of it, youíve been in heaven

You would be so big now, beautiful, tall

I would hear you walking down the hall

Coming to talk to me about something going on

As Iím drinking my coffee in the morning dawn

I miss you more than I could possibly say

And yet I still love you more each and every day

Your sister can finally kind of understand,

But I hope she never knows the loss of a child, first hand

Your first little brother is asking about you now

He really doesnít understand and I canít explain how

He sees pictures of you as a baby, but knows youíre older than him

How do you shed light on a subject so dim

You are his sister, but you donít live with us anymore

He wants to see you, like he can just open a door

If only it were so easy, I wish I could too

Iíd love so much to talk to you, be next to you

To hold you in my arms and see your smiling face

Just to have you here and be able to embrace

Please, my darling, know no one could ever take your place

So, baby girl, have a Happy Birthday

I'll always love you more than words can say...

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The 7th year gone

It's amazing how time goes by
and now I hardly ever question why

It's not that I know
Why you died, Why you had to go

It's only that I don't need to
You did what you were suppose to do

You blessed my life, you taught me so much
How much you can love someone you can no longer touch

How life doesn't ever come to a stop
How to start at the bottom and work your way to the top

You don't have to know the answer to everything
And some types of pain will always sting

Change is something you can always count on
You never know what will come with the dawn

How short life can truly be
Yet you left such a dramatic impact on me

You touched the hearts of so many here
The memories that we will always hold dear

A small little body with such a pronounced spirit
When I shut my eyes, I can still feel it

You are not here in body now
But I know you come in spirit, I just feel it somehow

So, until the day we are together again, daughter of mine
Feel loved and missed and let your spirit shine.....



All of these poems were written by my Mommy:
Gena Taylor
They were written exclusively for me, so please don't take them without her permission and don't change them in any way. 

 Thank You...





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By: Gena Taylor

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